Twitter Launches Nigerian Developer’s ‘Quoted Replies’ Feature For IOS Users



Twitter has rolled out a new feature that lets users see the number of times a post has been retweeted with comment. It also shows the comments that accompanied the retweets. The feature which is available only for iOS users for now, enables Twitter users to see the quoted replies of a post by clicking on the retweet button.

This new feature comes about 7 months after Jack Dorsey and his team visited Nigeria and offered a job to the Nigerian developer who created the Quoted Replies Twitter Bot, Dara Oladosu.

The feature “retweet with a comment” has made it easier for its users to add comments to tweet. Instead of using the platform’s inbuilt reply function and getting your comment lost among the thousands of replies, the feature enables users to quote their comment/reactions – sometimes even making a thread off it.

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Before this rollout, asides the original tweeter who sees the notifications, other users who want to see the quoted replies will have to search the tweet’s URL in the search box or use the Twitter bot, Quoted Replies. The bot when mentioned in the comment section, gives users a link that shows all the quoted replies to the original tweet.

Twitter Rolls out New Feature for Quoted Replies Few Months After Employing Quoted Reply Bot's Creator
The Quoted Replies bot in action. Source: TechWeez

Now the new feature doesn’t do anything much different from these 2 other methods, it only makes it easier. Users will also be able to see the number of people who have replied with comment without needing to call on the Quoted Replies bot.

The new feature also makes the Quoted Replies bot useless, or almost useless for now as Android users will still rely on it pending the rollout of the feature to the platform. Although no timeline for this has been stated, one can bet it will happen very soon.

This latest development is one of the UI changes the platform has tested over the past year. It has previously rolled out an original tweeter label to highlight a tweet’s original owner, a snooze feature for notifications as well as its own version of stories called Fleets.



Yetunde Adegoke

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