Video: Meet Lizzy, 26-year-old Caleb student ravaged by Cocaine


A video has gone viral and currently trends on Twitter about a young woman about 26 years of age whose live is being ravaged completely by drug addiction and prostitution.

Her name is Lizzy. She attended Vivian Fowlers school and Caleb University but has ended up on the street at Ikeja, Lagos, begging during the day and prostituting at night in a bid to survive. She has been living such degrading life for seven years after her boyfriend had introduced her to Cocaine.

But a pastor in Lagos, Tony Rapu rescued her recently around Ipodo in Ikeja. The man has put her up for rehabilitation processes and the story has generated massive tweets on Twitter and facebook. The debased young lady share how she was lured into drug addiction and other details about her parents, backgrounds and life on the streets in the video below. Enjoy it!

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