West Ham Fined By FIFA As Sakho Plays In FA Cup


diafara_sakhoWest Ham united have been handed a seventy one thousand pound (£ 71,000) fine by FIFA over the withdrawal of Senegal’s Diafara Sakho from Senegal’s AFCON squad.

Sakho who played in the FA Cup for West Ham against Bristol and even scored the winning goal was supposed to be on duty with Senegal at the AFCON in Equatorial Guinea. Sakho witdrew from Senegal’s squad with a back injury but was fit enough to play for West Ham in the FA Cup. West Ham. The FIFA rules state that a player cannot represent his club when he is supposed to be on international duty but West Ham flouted the rules, risking expulsion from this season’s FA cup and it is fair to say the gamble paid off.

West Ham would now face fellow premier league side, West Brom in the fifth round of the FA cup while Senegal failed to make it past the first round of the AFCON in Equatorial Guinea.


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