12 Of The Top-Paying Jobs In Nigeria


Of the 173.6 million people living in Nigeria it is estimated that 20.3 million of the eligible workforce are formally employed. Nigerians earn an estimated gross domestic product per capita of $3,005 USD a year. But for those lucky enough to have the right university degree and experience, being a member of the workforce is an entirely different story with much more lucrative results. Here are 12 of the top-paying jobs in Nigeria

Estimates are made based on company reports and industry-insider interviews. A range of salaries is given in each sector listed below. These vary widely and are dependent on reported experience and the nature of the company.

invetmbankInvestment banker ($45,486 – $68,439 USD)

Investment bankers mainly work for hedge funds, banks, asset management companies, consulting firms, and other organizations of similar ilk, of which there are dozens throughout Nigeria. Responsible for helping their companies and clients raise money by issuing and selling securities on the open market, investment bankers in Nigeria can take advantage of the global investment trends that are on the upswing in Africa.

teleenginerTelecommunications engineer ($36,325 – $97,900 USD)

With the ever-growing technology sector, telecommunications and IT engineers are needed more than ever in Nigeria and are compensated accordingly. This type of work is a combination of electrical engineering and computer science that helps develop and maintain the communications and data infrastructures throughout the country. These wage earners also oversee software and hardware solutions within organizations.

oilengingOil/petroleum engineer ($33,167 – $155,000 USD)

Given Nigeria’s vast oil resources, oil and petroleum engineers have a wide variety of options available to them. Jobs include exploration managers, drilling engineers, mechanical engineers. The ever-increasing global demand for energy ensures job security for years to come.

pilotCommercial airline pilot ($40,000 – $70,000 USD)

Nigerian international travel continues to grow, and so do opportunities for commercial airline pilots. Local airlines have opened up more routes in and out of the country over the past few years as demand grows, and experienced pilots are needed with significant accumulated flight hours.

aerospaceAerospace engineer ($60,000 – $102,000 USD)

Aerospace engineers are involved in the design and creation of anything from helicopters to spacecraft to everything in between. The vast majority of aerospace engineers in Nigeria may work as aircraft engineers, a position that requires immense technical know-how. Unfortunately, there are few aerospace engineering programs at Nigerian universities, so the vast majority of people who fill these roles in Nigeria are expats or citizens who received their schooling overseas.

softwaredevSoftware/web developer ($34,220 – $97,900 USD)

Software and web developers need to be well versed in computer languages such as Javascript, PHP, JQuery, and more, and may fill a wide variety of roles. Developers in this field may design websites, work on cyber security issues, develop business-related software, and much more. As broadband continues to penetrate further into the African market, the need for software and web developers in Nigeria will continue to grow.

physicianPhysician ($32,640 – $60,000 USD)

Doctors are always in need, and physicians in Nigeria can expect to be compensated for their extensive schooling and expertise. In particular, obstetricians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, emergency room doctors, and dentists are paid well for their services, though the area of practice and type of establishment greatly affects the pay scale.

realeastaeteReal estate developer ($25,600 – $90,000 USD)

Real estate, particularly in a country that has Nigeria’s scale of booming growth, is an enormous field with plenty of opportunity. Those able to make a career out of developing properties for commercial purposes – such as shopping centers or industrial complexes — may be able to make impressive profits from their efforts.

constructionConstruction manager ($31,900 – $60,400 USD)

As real estate job opportunities increase, construction work increases proportionately. While entry-level jobs are not all that lucrative, managerial positions can earn much higher salaries. Urbanization trends in Nigeria combined with increasing global investment are allowing new construction projects to crop up every day.

hotelHotel manager ($23,000 – $45,000 USD)

Tourism in Nigeria is increasingly one of the country’s most important sectors, and new hotels coming on line constantly mean that opportunities abound within the hotel industry. Business travelers are always in need of luxury hotels and hotel chains are now commonplace in major business hubs such as Lagos.

ADAdvertising sales director ($29,000 – $51,400 USD)

The increasing importance of media in today’s markets means that those responsible for brand advertising have critical roles to play. Advertising executives in Nigeria have entered a wide-open field that was largely unexplored until recent years. They are expected to be hugely influential as Nigeria’s middle class continues to grow.

projetProject manager ($34,000 – $60,000 USD)

The term covers a broad spectrum. Project managers are those who plan, lead, and execute the roll-outs of big projects for companies in manufacturing, oil and gas, banking, telecommunications and more. They may not have the technical expertise to build the products, but they serve in more executive and managerial positions to oversee company operations.


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