Chinese Manufacturer’s New Smartphone Looks Like 6 Plus, Is Called 6 Plus


6According to yahoo reports, A Chinese smartphone maker has just launched a new smartphone that bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus in both looks and name.

The Honor 6 Plus is the latest handset from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei, and it could easily pass as Apple’s own 6 Plus at first glance.

According to GizmoChina, the Honor 6 Plus is an Android smartphone that, like the iPhone 6 Plus, features a 5.5-inch, 1920 × 1080 resolution display. What’s more, the Honor’s slim metal frame looks remarkably similar to the iPhone’s. And to top it all off, the phone, as Engadget’s photos show, even comes in silver, black, and gold, just like Apple’s 6 Plus.

It’s not like Huawei is an unknown company, either. In fact, according to market intelligence company IDC, Huawei was the third-largest smartphone maker in the world in the second quarter of 2014, behind Apple and Samsung.

66To be fair, it’s not as though the Honor 6 Plus is a straight-up clone of the iPhone 6 Plus. Like HTC’s One M8, the Honor features a dual rear camera setup, for example.

But instead of using the cameras to enable users to adjust the focus of their photos after they have taken them like the One M8, the Honor 6 Plus uses its cameras to improve low-light photos by allowing the lenses to take in twice as much light as a single lens.

If you’re in China, you can preorder Huawei’s 6 Plus starting tomorrow. There’s little chance the phone will make it to America, but if you like the look (and the name) of the Honor 6 Plus, we’d suggest just heading to your neighborhood Apple Store.

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