The brands included in the following list are some of the most powerful in the world because they have an amazing financial stability and at the same time they are very popular amongst users.

See list of top 10 most powerful brands in the world.

1. Google
The market value of Google is estimated at more than 65 billion dollars and there is not doubt that there is no other brand on earth that is as powerful as this one. Sergey Brin together with Larry Page first created the browser. Nowadays, Google is famous for its cutting-edge innovations as well as the amazing pace at which it’s growing. The company is so important that it now appears in dictionaries.

2. General Electric
General Electric has a market value of more than sixty billion dollars, which enough money to give the brand the second position in our list. General Electric works in several fields such as information and industrial technology, oil, movies, financial services and many other things. The company is very successful in India too.

3. Microsoft
Microsoft Corporation generates more than 44 billion dollars a year and it has a market value of more than 50 million dollars. Bill Gates created the company in the mid 1970s and he’s still the owner. The company has more than 75,000 employees all over the world and Bill Gates has supporters and enemies everywhere.

4. Coca-Cola
The company is worth more than forty four billion dollars, which is more than enough money to turn it into the fourth important brand in our list. Asa Griggs Candler decided to incorporate the brand in the early 1890s but a couple of years later Woodruff and Bradley decided to buy it. Even when it is not the most important company in the world, there’s no denying that it is very famous all over the world.

5. China Mobile
The company has a market value of more than 40 billion dollars and it is China’s biggest mobile phone operator. The brand has more than 280 million users it generates as much profit as Vodafone does on an annual base. The company is the most popular operator in Hong Kong.

6. Marlboro
Marlboro has market value of more than thirty nine million dollars and there’s no doubt that it’s the most sought-after brand of cigarettes on earth. The company is the leading brand and this makes the industry seem like a monopoly because of the amazing ads on TV and magazines.

7. WalMart
WalMart has a market value of more than 36 billion dollars. The company is the biggest retailer in the USA and there’s no other shop that sells as many toys as WalMart does. Sam Watson created the company in the early 1960s and it took him ten years to take the company to the stock market.
8. Citi
Citi has a market value of more than 33 billion dollars and it was first created in the late 1990s when two companies merged. Primerica decided to buy the company in the early 1990s and it soon became famous for offering policies for cars, air travel and space travel as well. In the 1970s the name Citi was replaced by Citibank and at present Charles Prince is the Chief Executive Officer.

9. International Business Machines Corporation
International Business Machines Corporation is more famous as IBM and it is a company formed with different nations that works in the field of computer technology. It has its base in New York and employs more than 350,000 people in the world. IBM first appeared in the 1880s but it took the company some years to start working in the stock market.

10. Toyota
Toyota has a market value of more than 33 billion dollars, which turns it into the tenth most powerful brand on earth. It’s the biggest manufacturer of cars, trucks, buses and robots. It has its base in Aichi and it has annual revenue of more than 175 billion dollars. Fujio Cho is the president of the company and Katsuaki Watanabe is the Chief Executive Officer.

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