WhatsApp Introduce Voice Calls on iPhone Devices


WhatsApp has finally started to roll out voice calling for the iPhone. We’ve been hearing rumors about the feature for quite some time. WhatsApp pushed out the feature first to Android in March, leaving iPhone users without it until now.

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Download the new WhatsApp

The new version of WhatsApp can be downloaded in Apple Inc.’s App Store. The description states that voice calling is included in it. Thus far, however, it doesn’t appear as if all WhatsApp users on the iPhone are able to access the voice calling feature on WhatsApp. Some iPhone users have already been using voice calling through WhatsApp for the last few weeks, but it was only available on jailbroken iPhones.

At first when the messaging app started testing voice calling, Android users had to connect with someone else who already had the feature activated on their WhatsApp accounts to get an invitation for the feature extended to them. Later, users just had to download the newest version of the messaging app in order to get access to voice calling.

WhatsApp voice calling iOS

WhatsApp gradually rolls out voice calling

The messaging app did not roll out voice calling to all Android users when it first introduced the feature on the operating system. As a result, it would make sense if WhatsApp did the same thing with voice calling on the iPhone. The company has a tendency to roll out features in this manner anyway, and the changelog does indicate that voice calling will become available gradually to more and more users over the next several weeks.

We heard earlier this month that WhatsApp would roll out voice calling not only to iPhone users but also to users of Windows Phones. So far there’s no word on exactly when Windows Phone users might get access to the feature.

It may be some time before Windows Phone users do get voice calling through WhatsApp, simply because developers are slow to develop apps and features for the platform. Android and iOS hog the lion’s share of the mobile phone market, so developing apps for Windows Phone is understandably low priority.

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