World Cup: NFF Reveals Eagles Bonuses



The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) confirmed that the Super Eagles would get $10,000 as a winning bonus at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

This has been revealed by a spokesperson of the Federation, Ademola Olajiire, in Abuja on Wednesday. He emphasised that the amounts have not changed from the previously approved sums for winning. Olajiire revealed that the players shall get $10,000 as a winning bonus, $5,000 for draws. The team would get no bonus in case of a loss.

The daily allowance is fixed and amounts to $100. The progress of the Super Eagles, in case they advance to the knock out round, would be rewarded on the following basis: $10,000 for passing the group stage, $12,500 for LAST16 and $15,000 for 1/4 finals. In case the team reaches the semi-finals, the bonus would equal $20,000.


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