Yahoo set to replace traditional logins With On-Demand Passwords


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Yahoo could be set to kill off the traditional internet login process by replacing it with on-demand passwords. The company has launched a new service which lets someone log into a Yahoo account using a short password sent to their mobile phone, Sky News reports.

Users must currently opt-in to the service in their security settings, then registering their phone.

The next time a user tries to login the password field is replaced by a button that says “send my password”.

When clicked, a four-character password is sent to the user’s phone.

Yahoo executive Dylan Casey said: “This is the first step to eliminating passwords.”

He was speaking at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

Some companies already have two-step authentication where users enter their password then receive a second password on their phone.

But Yahoo is the first major player to attempt to do away with the first step altogether.

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